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RingLess Voicemail Marketing

We provide done for you ringless voice mail  technology to mobile phones, landlines and VOIP. We can deliver to a large audience very quickly! We have the ability to pull demographic list to reach a targeted audience that businesses can not. Targeted voice, done for you lead generation services puts all of your lead generation needs on autopilot!

Choose a monthly package that best suits your needs!

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Create a message to reach your audience!

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Within 48 hours your campaign will be ready to go!

The most valuable resource a company has is a solid lead generation source.

targeted voice

Introducing ring less targeted voice mail drops, also known as direct voicemail messaging.

Imagine the ability to drop a voicemail message directly onto a subscribers voicemail box without ever having making a call or ringing their phone line.

The subscriber is never bothered or charged for anything.

Voicemail drops are 100% legal and have been specifically designed to be a non-intrusive form of communication. This voicemail Service has also been developed to be compliant with all federal laws and regulations.

Generate Revenue And Increase Productivity

At Targeted Voice our aim is to become your strategic marketing partner, helping you and your agents generate revenue and increase productivity by eliminating the time wasting process of cold calling to generate new leads.

Our comprehensive digital strategy streamlines the process to deliver you "hot" leads where the only people you and your sales team talk to are people who are actively seeking out your services.    


targeted voice funnel


We have developed a state of the art method that not only finds thousands of potential prospects for you but also triggers these customers to seek you out for your services.  

Our product will fill the “top of your funnel”.

The fulfillment strategy is 100% based around outbound targeted voicemail marketing.

No SEO, video, email, etc. only outbound strategic phone calls. 

End customers will call your agent's directly. 

Our marketing system is applicable for the following lines of business:

Property & Casualty

Life Insurance






Debt Collection

 If you have any questions or would like to discuss this, please give me a call or email.

Generate Inbound Callbacks From Consumers

Eliminates the stress of cold calling

Adds a personalized, human touch to mass marketing messages

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There are no interruptions to annoy customers or prospects

The recipient can listen to the message when it’s convenient

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